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Landrail Firearms Ltd is a Registered Firearms Dealership & Gunsmithing business located on the Kintyre Peninsula in South West Scotland. We supply and repair all types of shotguns and Section 1 firearms, as well as standard & FAC air weapons. We also supply all types of ammunition and shooting related accessories to our local customers, as well as providing firearm storage facilities in our armouries. Landrail also operates a 25m Indoor Shooting Range on the Machrihanish Airbase near Campbeltown, where visitors can try out guns and receive instruction & coaching from our NRA Certified RCO. In addition, Landrail Firearms operates Machrihanish Gun Club, also located at the Range. This popular, Home Office Approved Shooting Club meets regularly and its Members enjoy shooting rim-fire & full-bore rifles, as well as air guns and black powder weapons.

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