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Welcome, to Cheshire Gun Room, a leading shooting sports retailer located in Stockport and Bolton, North West of England. When visiting Cheshire Gun Room as a newcomer to the sport or a professional, we always offer fair advice with a no pressure approach. We have a dedicated friendly team of knowledgeable game, clay and target shooters ensuring that we can offer you best advice whether it concerns gun fitting, choosing the right cartridges, or even which features to look for when considering a new coat for the season! Our areas of expertise and products cover Gun smithing, Shotguns, Rifles, Air Guns and Optics. Apart from Ammunition, Reloading, Clothing and footwear there is a vast selection of accessories including security, maintenance, decoying and dog training equipment. Free gun fitting is offered as part of the buying process, we believe this is greatly important as a correctly fitted gun will most definitely have a huge effect on the success of your shooting. We are proud to be able to offer quality alterations in house to ensure your gun fits you 100%. It is also possible to hold a gun on deposit to ensure you do not miss out on the opportunity to own that perfect gun. Between the two retail stores and our armoury we hold around 2,000 new and used Shotguns, Rifles and Air rifle. Our gun rooms display around 500 guns each so there is always plenty of interesting items to browse through. If we don't have the gun you are looking for we can order any make or model. We are also able to locate some very rare examples of vintage shotguns. We also stock a good selection of deactivated weapons and muzzle loaders.

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