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I WILL ONLY SEND GUNS TO CURRENT U.K. REGISTERED DEALERS OR IN PERSON TO A U.K. CERTIFICATE HOLDER AND WILL TAKE ALMOST ANY SHOOTING RELATED ITEMS IN PART EX AGAINST ANY OF MY ADVERTS PLEASE NOTE THAT YOU HAVE TO SHOW ME VIA EMAIL THAT YOU HAVE THE SLOT ON YOUR LICENCE TO ACQUIRE THE GUN AND YOU WILL NEED TO SEND ME YOUR LICENCE SO AS I CAN PUT THE GUN ON YOUR LICENCE, AND SEND YOUR LICENCE BACK TO YOU AND THE GUN TO YOUR DEALER TO COLLECT, UNLESS YOU GET YOUR DEALER TO BUY IT OFF ME AND THEN HE CAN PUT IT ON YOUR LICENCE, WHICH IS THE QUICKER WAY TO DO IT AND THAT IS THE LAW I AM AFRAID!! I no longer have a retail shop and work as a part time R.F.D. supplying past customers as well as the local gun clubs, I am based on the Isle of Wight, I prefer to be contacted by email or text, and will reply very quickly if a genuine enquiry, unfortunately these days as you will be aware there are a lot of spam/junk phone calls, but hopefully I can weed them out, I have a few second hand rifles, and can get in any new fireams/shotguns but I do not stock these which usually means you get a better price, also after lunch is the best time to contact me, If you find the Gun you want for sale anywhere in the U.K. and you live on the Island then I will happily receive this and do the paperwork to put it on your licence for only £20 DUE TO A FEW TIME WASTERS LATELY! IF YOU ARE REALLY INTERESTED IN A GUN AND WISH TO BUY IT YOU WILL NEED TO EMAIL ME A COPY OF YOUR LICENCE SHOWING YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO BUY THE GUN AND CALIBRE YOU WISH, BEFORE I REVEAL ANY BANK ACCOUNT DETAILS FOR YOU TO TRANSFER THE MONEY TOO THIS SHOULD NOT BE A PROBLEM FOR GENUINE BUYERS AS I NEED THOSE DETAILS ANYWAY!

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