Second Hand Acier Cockerill Shotgun for sale

Asking Price: £ 4500


  • GFS Reference: GFSVEBCQ241217
  • Dealer Ref:
  • Type: Shotgun
  • Make: Acier
  • Model: Cockerill
  • Calibre: 12G
  • Mechanisim: Side by Side
  • Choke 1: True Cylinder
  • Choke 2: True Cylinder
  • Ejection: No
  • Trigger: 2
  • Paired: Yes
  • Cased: No
  • Orientation: Ambidextrous
  • Licence: Section 2 (Shotgun)
  • Origin: Belgian
  • Age: Second Hand
  • Condition: Excellent
  • Barrel Length: 68 cm
  • Last Modified Date: 24/12/2017


Belgian Acier Cockerill pre-1800 side by side 12 gauge. For sale Belgian Acier Cockerill over 200 years old. Old perron mark present (1672-1810) when it was abolished by Napoleon and reintroduce by decree in 1853 onward, (1853-1893), this new mark belong to Fabrique D’armes Reunies, not to be confused with “Unies”. New Perron mark: not present, belong to Fabrique D’armes Unies deposited of mark N 2575 - Liege 03/02/1921 reorganized after 1918 from Fabrique D’armes Reunies in to Fabrique D’armes Unies. Disappearance about 1931. This mark is not present on this shotgun. The compulsory mark ELG* in oval (Napoleon decree 1810-1893) not present and should replace the old perron in 1672-1810, bypassed by the same mark ELG* in oval but with crown (1893 onward). This shotgun has been privately owned from pre-1800 until 1893 then after, 1893 other test marks have been stamped, starting from the above oval with crown. Probably this shotgun was traded in by a private owner in late 1893 to the firearm dealer with only old perron mark stamped (1672-1810), in the absence of mark ELG* in oval (1810-1893) to make it conform legally and sellable it went for other compulsory test marks which are the above oval mark with ELG* and crown (1893 onward) also diamond with 12 and C (indicating 12 caliper 1892-1924) and other mark all in the range of 1892-1924) as you can see on the photo. The shotgun is solid and still in use, in the last 10 years I have decided to use it only on the woodcock which I believe by the size of barrels was specially made for, the right barrel produces a short but very wide opening and good distance, the left barrel produces a long shot still good short opening and over 80 meter distance. Shotgun can be view also once paid you can take it and arrange transport to your country via licensed firearm dealer, collection from UK apply. Feel free to contact me from United Kingdom on 07811158598 outside UK on 0044(0)7811158598 This is a once in a lifetime shotgun for a special hunter or collector, shotgun is based in United Kingdom.