What you need to own a shotgun and how to get a licence in the UK.

31/10/2013 by GFS
To own a shotgun legally in the UK you are required to hold a valid and current Shotgun Certificate. If you wish to apply for a licence you can find the forms at your local police station and asking for your police firearms liaison officer, or downloading them from your regions police firearms licencing website. Here you will find all the information required to complete the forms, a shotgun licence currently lasts for 5 years. If you lose your shotgun certificate you must report it to your local police station or firearms licencing department without delay where you will be asked to pay a small fee to cover the cost of a replacement shotgun certificate.

When applying for a firearms licence you will be asked to provide details like, will your gun be in a secure place? like a gun cabinet securely fitted to a wall (ammunition has to be stored separately), are you a member of a clay shooting club or a gun club? You will only be granted a licence if you can provide 'good reason' to have each firearm in your possession.

You will require 4 passport photos for your application and will need to declare any and ALL previous convictions. If a person has been sentenced to imprisonment, detention or corrective training for a term of three years or more they are permanently prohibited from having any firearms or ammunition in their possession, this means for life and includes all firearms (even air weapons).

The law requires you to have two character references and since the rule changes in 1997 the police are able to revoke a firearms certificate if the holder no longer has good reason to possess it.

It is an offence to carry a gun in a public place without good reason even if it’s not loaded, to fire a gun within 50 foot of a roadway, footpath and even a bridle path (horse riding path), if you are demed a danger to public safety you may be classed as no longer having good reason for possession.

Any shotgun certificate holder may transport your shotgun for you but for no longer than 72 hours without entering it onto their certificate, if they hold it for longer than 72 hours the gun must be entered onto their certificate and the relevant licensing office informed.