Choosing a scope for your rifle.

08/11/2013 by GFS
A scope is an essential accessory for your rifle, being able to change the magnification on a scope to see your target at long distances while giving you a clear picture will allow you much better accuracy, with the naked eye you would struggle to see if you only used iron sights for long distance shooting, even at shorter distances you want to hit your target perfectly so a scope seems logical.

There are so many scopes to choose from, here are a few pointers to help you on your way, some scopes are very expensive and you probably would have seen them if you have been looking about already, but are they worth it? The short answer is yes no question about it, some are worth paying extra to get high quality glass lenses which will give the user a much clearer picture, but even a cheap scope can surprise you with their long range and accuracy. Most scopes these days are very well made and it does depend on what you want it for, for example if you are hunting or doing target practice at 75-450 feet (25-150 yards) a less expensive scope will do the job just fine.

What do the numbers mean on the scopes? Like 3-9x40 scopes, the first two numbers tell you what the magnification range is for that particular scope. So this scope has a range of 3x - 9x magnification, meaning the image you see through the scope will be at least three times larger all the way up to nine times larger compared to the naked eye, you can change the magnification by adjusting the setting anywhere between the low and high setting. The “40” refers to the size of the objective lens so this one is 40mm in diameter. The larger the lens the more light that can pass through it which in turn means the longer you can shoot for in low light conditions.

There is a large choice of rifle scopes on the market today, not all are universal so choosing a scope for your rifle can take a bit of research. We always recommend visiting your local gunshop or gun dealer as they are perfectly positioned to advise on what is best suited to your requirements. Asking friends and family for their personal knowledge and experiences on the subject may also be useful but it may come down to their own personal favorite.