Air Rifles

31/10/2013 by GFS
To own a real firearm you require a Fire Arm license which is obtained from the police fire arms licencing department, once you complete the forms and pay a £50 fee police firearms licencing will take out character and medical references. Many people have or knows someone who owns an air rifle, the majority of air rifles you do not require a licence for and there are many different types to choose from so you will be spoilt for choice. An air rifle can't be purchased by anyone under the age of 18, but you can borrow or even receive one as a present if you are 14 or older, you must be supervised when using it by a person aged 21 or over.

There are different mechanisms and calibres to choose from, such as PCP (Pre-charged pneumatic), under lever, break barrel, CO2, Spring or Gas Ram. The most common calibres are .22 and .177, with a .22 (5.5mm & 5.6mm) calibre we would suggest it would be better for hunting as the heavier calibre will deliver more energy than the .177 (4.5mm). The .177 is the most common calibre for target shooting and is used widely including in the Olympic Games, this calibre has the flattest trajectory out of all the calibres and is extremely accurate which makes it great for target practice.

Spring Air Rifles (Springer’s) are the most commonly used air rifle as they offer exceptional value for money. Break Barrel Air Rifles are generally single shot which means every time you fire, you will need to break the barrel and re load with another air gun pellet. Under lever air rifles are also single shot but the barrel will be fixed and a breach cover is opened when the lever is pulled in a downward or side wards motion. There are various different mechanisms to try all varying is cost, some air rifles will require more maintenance than others such as CO2 which use disposable cylinders, or the PCP which require either a stirrup pump or divers cylinder to fill.

Finding the right Ammunition for your air rifle can be quite difficult and we would recommend trying various different air gun pellets to ascertain which suit your rifle the best. Pellets come in many sizes and made from various materials. In our experience some of the better pellets to use are either Air Arms Diablo, Accu Pel, H&N Field Target Trophy or Weihrauch F&T Specials.

There are MANY different makes of air rifles to choose from some of which include AGS, Air arms, Weihrauch, Webley & Scott, BSA and SMK to name a few. All these makes have in their range different mechanisms such as gas ram, side lever, straight pull, CO2, PCP and spring. It’s always good to visit your local gunshop to seek professional advice on which air rifle would suit you best.