Second Hand Winchester Rifle for sale

  •   Winchester  Unknown  Rifle
  •   Winchester  Unknown  Rifle
  •   Winchester  Unknown  Rifle
  •   Winchester  Unknown  Rifle
  •   Winchester  Unknown  Rifle
Asking Price: £ 2000.00


  • GFS Reference: GFS4N0PH200815
  • Dealer Ref: 24
  • Type: Rifle
  • Make: Winchester
  • Model: Unknown
  • Calibre: Unknown
  • Mechanisim: Lever Action
  • Orientation: Ambidextrous
  • Licence: Section 1 (Firearm)
  • Origin: American
  • Age: Second Hand
  • Condition: Average
  • Last Modified Date: 20/08/2015


This is an original Winchester cowboy gun, in 38/40 calibre, i believe it can be taken off ticket to have as a wall hanger/collectors piece, it is a fully working gun but I have kept it on ticket so as to only sell to a responsible owner it comes with reloading dies and about 100 empty cases, I have never fired this
THIS DOES NOT HAVE A U.K. PROOF MARK so it is being sold as an antique, but on licence! I see no reason why it would not pass a proof test, obviously with black powder, maybe even with nitro but there are plenty of modern guns around to fire why risk this, remember NO BRITISH PROOF MARKS are on this gun, i believe it was made in 1882 so probably helped win the West!
part ex possible and only £20 to your dealer
If you wish to have this taken off ticket, I can apply for that but you must email ma a copy of your licence to show your are a firearms licence holder which I will check with your police force and send it to the address on the licence